Better ways to monetize.


Seeing a problem with subscriptions and digital ads as the only way to generate revenue, Mash’s toolkit gives creators, media companies, and digital apps an engaging and audience-centric way to monetize.

Project Information

Creators are often at the mercy of their platforms. Rate percent hikes, new content policies, and integration inflexibility plague earners with no better options. Mash helps people grow businesses and audience relationships on their own terms, allowing users to set rates, get paid quickly, and easily integrate across the web with a suite of flexible products powered by the Lightning Network.

Mash approached us at a crucial time. Interest in their products skyrocketed but their brand and website no longer represented the quality of service they offered. They struggled to articulate their product in plain terms and it was leading to a drop-off in platform adoption. We helped them create a future-forward and flexible brand along with a dynamic website to get customers excited about the possibilities of using Mash.

I was tasked with creating header and feature animations to help bring their products to life.

Creative Direction
Alex Martineau

Noora Manchanda
Xochitl Lozano

Simon Goetz
Ruairi Conway

Brenan Stetzer