Olo Product Suite
Enable hospitality.


Olo is the interface between restaurants and the on-demand world. Their enterprise SaaS platforms provide the complete hospitality and experience solution for chains big and small.

Project Information

Olo saw explosive growth as a leading hospitality SaaS company. Most poeple wouldn’t call this a problem, but Olo’s brand struggled to keep up with the pace. Their product ecosystem was in flux, with no unifying tone or hierarchy to ground it. It lacked the malleability needed for expansion and customers misunderstood products as singular solutions rather than parts of a whole.

Olo wanted to shift away from exclusively digital solutions to more of an experience enabler throughout the entire restaurant. Internally, its teams struggled to implement a consistent and clear brand message.

The visual system needed to accommodate certain scale needs for Olo. For instance, we opted for Google Fonts so typefaces would be accessible at every level of the organization. Olo has equity in their colors, but felt restricted by the lack of versatility in their palette. So, we expanded the dark and blue values into more of a spectrum with the addition of secondary colors which were tied to specific product categories. Olo’s product architecture spanned different offerings and we developed an identity system for core products, premium features, and out of the box features with a focus on dimensionality of solutions.

Creative Direction
Alex Martineau

Brand Design
Brenan Stetzer
Noora Manchanda

Website Design
Xochitl Lozano

Brenan Stetzer