Rethink Magazine
The Memory Issue.


Memories make us who we are. The inaugural issue of Re:think Magazine asks whether that’s true, and if the malleability of our memories can serve as a reliable foundation for our personal and collective identities.

Project Information

Re:think Magazine was created by The Atlantic's eclectic advertising team as an exercise in pursuing creative routes that deviated from our typical jobs, and also as a sales tool for showing the wide range of content our team can produce.

A connective thread running through this issue is how easily memory can be manipulated—by time, by other people, by ourselves. And if that’s the case, what good are they? What erodes and warps them? How do they affect our perceptions of the world, and in the digital age, how could technology manipulate them and replicate their function?

I was responsible for establishing the typographic standards for the front of book including: table of contents, essays, how-to section. I also illustrated the magazine cover and how-to section.

The cover illustration is a representation of the content in the feature well: how Netflix is killing the collective memory, how the disintegration of someone’s first language affects their memories, a photographic study, how black music serves as a messenger for a stolen past, and how hindsight helps clarify the present.

Creative Direction
Drew Campbell

Ari Curtis
Eric Hartman
Dante Meick
Devin Rochford
Brenan Stetzer