Learning that moves you.


People seeking a career change often feel stuck from indecision. With Springboard, students get personalized mentoring, job searching, and real projects building the momentum needed to shape their future.

Project Information

Bootcamps have become an equitable way for people to upskill and change careers without resorting to higher education and the often insurmountable costs associated with it. As an early pioneer of the job guarantee—you don’t pay for anything until you get a job—Springboard carved out a place as the top bootcamp for quite some time. The industry started to heat up and over the years, Springboard was unable to differentiate themselves despite having a unique, human-guided offering.

After speaking with students both past and present, as well as undergoing an extensive Research and Strategy phase, it became clear students all felt a sense of movement in their lives after enrolling in Springboard. Students who originally felt halted by the lack of upward mobility in their old jobs felt a renewed sense of progress they had been longing for. They were happier and empowered by their Springboard mentors.

This sense of momentum in learning was brought to the forefront of Springboard’s brand, voice, website, and motion language.

Creative Direction
Alex Martineau

Brand Design
Brenan Stetzer
Noora Manchanda

Website Design
Xochitl Lozano

Simon Goetz
Ruairi Conway

Brenan Stetzer

Type Design