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Consumer needs are changing and local businesses are often the last ones to catch up. Hurry helps customers source items from nearby shops and provides the shipping infrastructure to help stores deliver.

Project Information

Hurry’s mission has always been succinct—provide local stores with the competitive edge to compete with Amazon—but its multifaceted audience, voice, and identity were unclear. They had a compelling pitch for investors, but had trouble articulating beyond that. 

After numerous workshops with the founders, we helped them understand their primary audience—retailers and drivers—and positioned Hurry as the cost-effective, reliable option to compete with Amazon’s two-day shipping. Emphasizing transparent pay and flexible scheduling for drivers, easy integration and increased cart conversion for retailers, and within-the-hour delivery tracked in real-time for shoppers, Hurry brings communities closer together.

Creative Direction
Alex Martineau

Brenan Stetzer

Rami Niemi

Type Design
Art Direction
Web Design